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The Skooter 40R airboat is powered by the 40 horsepower Kohler Command Pro engine with a 1.69:1 reduction drive. With the 60-inch two blade paddle propeller, the Skooter give outstanding performance. The Skooter airboat can plane out with four people in ideal water coditions.  

The airdrive is mounted on our 1781AL13 aluminum bull. the hull is 60" wide on the bottom with an 81" beam, 17" sides and 13' length.  

The 40 horsepower Skooter airboat with the 13' aluminum hull is $8,495.00. The freight cost ranges from $475 to $950 depending on the distance form the factory.  

Skooter 40R-1781AL Airboat 40HP Kohler with redirve and 60" 2-blade paddle prop $8,495.00
Skooter 40R-1781AL Airboat 35HP Vanguard with redrive and 60" 2-blade paddle prop $7,955.00
Skooter 40R-1781AL Airboat 35HP Vanguard with direct drive and 48" 2-blade paddle prop $6,955.00
1781AL13 Aluminum Hull 60 inch bottom width, 13 feet long, 81 inch beam, 17 inch sides $2,595.00
Add $100.00 additional for high rise seating


You may call us at (405) 279-3833 to place an order, fax us at (405) 279-2377, or send us an e-mail with all the requested information.



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