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P.O. Box 610
Meeker, OK 74855, USA

Phone: (405)279-3833
Fax: (405)279-2377

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ARROWDRIVES by Arrowprop

Arrowprop is the leader in the industry in manufacture of outstanding airdrive packages to fit most small aluminum or fiberglass boats.  An Arrowdrive installed on your boat makes a very economical airboat. Ideal for shallow water use!  With an Arrowdrive you can reach speeds up to 25 mph in shallow water.  Exactly what a hunter needs to reach his special spot for placing duck decoys!  Ideal for a fisherman who wants to get to his favorite fishing hole which is surrounded by weeds and just inches of water.

The Arrowdrives are powered by the electric start, 4 cycle, v-twin overhead valve engine.  The reduction models have a 1.69 to 1 belt drive reduction driving a wide blade two blade propeller.

Arrowdirves by Arrowprop
Name Prop Engine Weight Model Price
Arrowdrive 18 42in 18HP Koh 179 lbs AD-18 $3595.00
Arrowdrive 30 42in 30HP Koh 179 lbs AD-30 $4395.00
Arrowdrive 30R 54in 30HP Koh* 304 lbs AD-30R $5295.00
Arrowdrive 35 48in 35HP Van 199 lbs AD-35 $4695.00
Arrowdrive 35R 60in 35HP Koh* 329 lbs AD-35R $5795.00
Arrowdrive 40R 60in 40HP Koh* 329 lbs AD-40R $6295.00

*With reduction drive.

Try our airdrives on our new aluminum airboat hull for increased performance.

Delivery: Airdrives are shipped by motor freight. The cost for shipping varies form $250 to $400 depending on your location in the U.S.

Arrowprop Airdrives come complete.  The electric start engine is installed on a framework with a full circle guard, two aluminum rudders, two blade propeller, stick steering, six gallon fuel tank, and a fiberglass seat.  All of the necessary switches and cables are connected.  The airdrive is easy to install on your boat - just four bolts, a battery and you are ready to go airboating.

You may call us at (405) 279-3833 to place an order, fax us at (405) 279-2377, or send us an e-mail with all the requested information.


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