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Hovercraft Lift Fan - Wide Blade

The wide blade lift fans are ideal for use as hovercraft lift fans.  They are also used in industrial applications requiring maximum air volume under pressure.

Wide Blade Lift Fans
Diameter 4-Blade 6-Blade 8-Blade
26" 310.00 430.00 450.00
28" 330.00 440.00 460.00
30" 350.00 450.00 470.00
32" 370.00 460.00 480.00
34" 350.00 470.00 490.00
36" 395.00 480.00 500.00
38" 415.00 520.00 530.00
40" 445.00 550.00 565.00
42" 465.00 570.00 575.00

Wide Blade Fans 4-Blade Fan 6-Blade Fan 8-Blade Fan
Click on the above for a larger image

Note: All prices are in US Dollars

These wide multi-blade lift fans have a 2" hub thickness.  Write, phone, or e-mail us for prices of propellers with thicker hubs.

At Arrowprop, we can supply any diameter and pitch propeller.  If you do not know your requirements, let us help.

For Extra Protection Add:

  • Leading Edge Tape - For low cost protection to the leading edges of your propeller, we offer vinyl leading edge tape from 3-M.  this tape protects your propeller from sand and moisture.  To order add $15.00 to each propeller blade.
  • Graphite Leading Edges - For the very best leading edge protection, order our ultra-strong composite leading edge with bi-ax wrapped propeller tips.  To order add $30.00 to each blade.

You may call us at (405) 279-3833 to place an order, fax us at (405) 279-2377, or send us an e-mail with all the information.


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